What is this?

This is Geneapaths and it is/will be a network of genealogy based sites. Eventually we there will be a sub-site for each U.S. State plus DC and also 13 sites for the 13 Colonies. To start, it will be this Main Site, Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts as that is our where we hale from.

The main goal is to be a set of resources for genealogists and a community for the same. These resources will be free for all but the accumulation and organization of them will not be a free for all. We want these resources to be of the highest standards. We also have a family tree and hope that it can be collaborated on and contributed to by many but we could care less about having a million entries if half of them are wrong. Here’s the basic structure.


  • Articles
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Bios
  • Records (that don’t have a state/colony site to be put in yet)

GENEAPATHS SUBSITES (States and Colonies)

All of the above plus various records entered by filling a form or uploading a file (csv, xls, xml)
This populates custom database tables. Again, we don’t care to have a billion records realize that we’ll probably never have the resources to accumulate such an amount but hopefully we can have some here that few others do and in a way that they are more obtainable.

Record types

  • births
  • marriages
  • deaths
  • graves*
  • education*
  • occupation*
  • biographies*

Individual records are not linked/related to each other as that is the job of family tree software. Records are for everyone’s use in building a family tree. All records must have a high quality source listed and preferably available for viewing. If no image is available,  genealogists wanting to use these or any data in their tree should verify such sources.

* denotes that these types could also be used on members sites in articles utilizing custom post types. ((NOTE TO SELF) This would be best done as WordPress plugins as opposed to being built into the theme so that people may activate them when/if needed.)

What can I do here?

Research (there’s not much content yet but there will be and with an emphasis on quality and free)

  • Connect with others (we have a forum and other social features built in)
  • Contribute Content (article, data records)
  • Administer a State or Colony Site (we need your help to make this the best genealogical resource)