This is a free Genealogical Resource for Places and General Topics.


Here you can

Research (there’s not much content yet but there will be and with an emphasis on quality and free)

  • Connect with others (we have a forum and other social features built in)
  • Contribute Content (article, data records)
  • Administer a State or Colony Site (we need your help to make this the best genealogical resource)

Here’s the basic structure. main SITE (General Genealogy Resources)

  • Articles
  • Wiki
  • Forum SUBSITES (States and Colonies)

  • Articles
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Bios

Eventually we would like to see a sub-site for each U.S. State plus DC and also 13 sites for the 13 Colonies. Counties are possible also. To start, it will be this Main Site, Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts as that is our where we hale from. If you would like to run a region, Contact Us!

We also provide Free Family Tree sites and Managed Hosting for Webtrees and TNG, Web Based Family Tree Maker type Software